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Welcome to MakeProg

Our goal and passion is to dedicating our global resources, industry intelligence and systems expertise to creating innovative solutions for enterprises to make their businesses stronger.

The fact that we have been a global organization since our inception is one of the key factors in our ability to serve major multi-national clients. Our leadership team leads by example with integrity, respect and a keen eye on building collaboration at every level of our organization.

MakeProg is lead by a most dynamic team comprising of technical and entrepreneurial visionaries with over 15 years experience in this industry . It has more specialized team for Microsoft Technologies and it always keep updated with the technology developments.

Why MakeProg?

MakeProg can outsource projects for providing clients with a development in an agile way. The offers given by us will lead you to have a reliable product in an economical way.

Our Vision & Mission

To be a world class IT services company and transform businesses radically by adding value to the prime objective.To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services.To continually improve, to excel & be the best.

  • News

    SimpleProg - Personal/Business Database Manager 1.0 Released to AppStore

    26 Jan 2014

    VisualStudioProg - Visual Studio Client 1.3.5 Released to AppStore

    16 Apr 2013

    iMySqlProg, iSqlWebProg, iOracleProg, iPostgreSqlProg,iWinAssistProg & iTFSProg 1.3.5 Released to AppStore

    16 Apr 2013

    iWindowsProg 1.3.5 and WindowsProg Bridge Server 1.4 Released

    16 Apr 2013

    iWindowsProg 1.3 submitted to the Apple iTunes Store.

    15 Mar 2013

    iWindowsProg 1.1 with Visual Studio Client for iOS submitted to the Apple iTunes Store.

    26 Feb 2013

    iWindowsProg iOS client for Windows, TFS & Databases released to the Apple iTunes Store.

    19 Feb 2013