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iTFSProg - TFS Client

Are you a Microsoft Team Foundation Server User and ever wished about accessing the Project Information from iOS/Android devices by touch, then this is a perfect companion tool for you to remotely visualize and explore the Team Foundation Server Projects in an intuitive way.

You are on the move and your client identifies a serious problem in a Project and wanted it to be fixed right away. Your team member fixes the issue and you can review the code using this little application from iOS/Android device and close your code review task as a responsible person in a short time without the need for accessing a computer.

You are on vacation and you got a call from your team saying that someone locked an important source file and went out on urgent issue and the team needs the same file and you are the only one has the access. Open up this small application and locate the pending changes of that particular user and unlock the file instantly and make your team mates happy.

As a Build Manager you are responsible for reviewing and Managing the Builds. One fine day you are busy with your son at his school and your attention is required by your team since the Automated Build failed in the night and they want to manually queue a build. From where you are you can start up this application and trigger a new build instantly.

From iPad,iPhone & Android you can visualize and Query the team foundation WorkItems and check the status of them using this tool. As a Project Manager you can create/edit WorkItems easily by touch on any place without the need for accessing computer.

If you need to make some urgent minor changes to the source code, using this outstanding tool you can checkout and edit the file from your iOS/Android device and checkin back the same in no time.

TFS from iOS/Android

  • Visualize Team Foundation Server Objects
  • Query/Add/Edit/View WorkItems
  • View Build Definition and its History
  • Queue Builds and Stop Builds
  • Details on Build WorkItems and ChangeSets
  • Visualize Source Control Tree for Collections
  • Explore and Query Source Control Item History
  • Information about WorkSpaces and Mapping
  • Pending Changes Information
  • ShelveSet Information
  • Edit SourceControl items with CheckOut and CheckIn
  • Unlock locked items in the SourceControl
  • Visualize Labels applied in SourceControl
  • Powerful Query and Sorting for all Objects
  • Explore/Visualize any number of Team Foundation Servers
  • Supports TFS2010,TFS2012 & tfs.visualstudio.com (Microsoft Team Foundation Service)


  • Collections
  • WorkSpaces
  • Projects
  • Project Queries
  • Project WorkItems
  • Project Pending Changes
  • Project Labels
  • Project Builds
  • Project Branches
  • SourceControl
  • ShelveSets
  • Users
  • Groups
  • ChangeSets
  • Start and Stop the Builds

WindowsProg Bridge Server Features

  • This iOS/Android application needs WindowsProg Bridge Server application to act as a bridge between iOS/Android Devices and Windows.
  • WindowsProg Bridge Server runs as a Windows Service.
  • WindowsProg Server can be configured to run over SSL.
  • Supported on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating System.
  • Access to Server can be controlled by User Id & Password.
  • Comes with a BackOffice application for management.
  • Please download from WindowsProg Server.
  • Support for this application is available by EMail WindowsProg Support.
  • More information about setting up WindowsProg Server is available at PDF XPS