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VisualStudioProg - Visual Studio Client

Are you a Microsoft Visual Studio User and ever wished about connecting to your Visual Studio instance from iOS device and explore the projects by touch, then this is a perfect companion tool for you to remotely visualize and explore Visual Studio Projects.

This little application can connect to PC Visual Studio instance from iOS Device and display the project structure in a way that you can easily navigate by touch. You can view and edit the source files in iOS device.

This iOS application can help you to create Visual Studio projects that does not require user input like class libraries, console application, etc. In the same way you can add items from the range of templates available in Visual Studio.

This tool allows you to write .net code in iOS device and also remote compile the same. The changes you are doing in iOS device will be reflected in Visual Studio instance. You can build the project from iOS device and see the errors and fix the same.

It is possible to start MS Unit Tests remotely and can visualize the results immediately. You can even explore/reflect the assemblies in object browser.

From iPad and iPhone you can experience Visual Studio by touch in native iOS interface.

So without sitting before a PC you can bring Visual Studio to your iOS device and explore the Visual Studio solutions by touch. Please note you need to install Visual Studio Bridge extension that comes with WindowsProg Bridge Server.

Visual Studio from iOS

  • Visualize & Explore Visual Studio Projects.
  • Add/Edit/Rename/Delete Visual Studio Projects.(*)
  • Add/Edit/Rename/Delete Folders.
  • Add/Edit/Rename/Delete Project Items.(*)
  • Build from iOS device.
  • Choose Build Configuration.
  • Error Window Display.
  • Source Code Editor/Viewer.
  • Run MS Unit test and see the results.
  • Object Explorer to explore/reflect/decompile assemblies.
  • At present VB & C# Projects are only supported.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2012 Pro and above only.
  • (Note : You can add only items from .vstemplate that does not require user input)

WindowsProg Bridge Server Features

  • This iOS/Android application needs WindowsProg Bridge Server application to act as a bridge between iOS/Android Devices and Windows.
  • WindowsProg Bridge Server runs as a Windows Service.
  • WindowsProg Server can be configured to run over SSL.
  • Supported on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating System.
  • Access to Server can be controlled by User Id & Password.
  • Comes with a BackOffice application for management.
  • Please download from WindowsProg Server.
  • Support for this application is available by EMail WindowsProg Support.
  • More information about setting up WindowsProg Server is available at PDF XPS