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SimpleProg - Personal/Business Database Manager

SimpleProg is a super simple Personal and Business information manager to store any kind of text information in the form of Lists.

You name the type of information you want to store; say Notes, To Do, Passwords, Appointments, Stocks or any other information and in no time you can have them in SimpleProg with few easy simple steps.

If you are tired of maintaining different kind of information in different applications and looking for a one stop application that can handle all of your Personal/Business information then SimpleProg is a perfect simple companion tool for you.

Reminders can be added to any Lists and get notified daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

SimpleProg allows you to export the List as CSV, Excel and PDF and also print them using Air Print.

SimpleProg supports drawing Pie, Bar & Line charts based on the information stored in the List. You can export the charts as images and print them using Air Print.


  • Store any kind of text information in the form of Lists.
  • Create Lists from rich set of existing pre-defined Templates.
  • Create your own Templates by defining columns for the List.
  • Add Reminders to any kind of List.
  • Export and save Lists as CSV, Excel and PDF format.
  • Support for multiple Profiles / Databases.
  • Plot Pie/Bar/Line charts with the information in the List.
  • Export and save charts as image.
  • Import data from CSV files.
  • Encrypt and protect the Lists using password.
  • Print Charts and Lists using Air Print.
  • File Browser/Viewer for Local and iCloud documents folder.
  • Apply theme using rich set of custom defined colors.
  • Backup and Restore the Lists easily.

Predefined Templates

  • Notes
  • Todo
  • Passwords
  • Birthdays
  • Personal Finance
  • Stock Portfolio
  • Blood Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Appointments
  • Websites
  • Reminders