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iWinAssistProg - Windows Client

This little ultimate application can help savvy computer users to explore their windows computers remotely by doing simple few touch operations. Using this realistic tool you can control many of the services running in Windows desktops and Windows Servers.

Say you are far away on vacation and your production web site has gone down because of memory leak and your client calls you and demand a fix immediately. By switching on this tool you can restart your website in a lightning speed to restore the operation.

You got a call by an active directory user saying his user account is locked and he wanted to get it unlocked as soon as possible. Sitting where you are you can unlock the user in an unbelievable easy way using this perfect tool.

Your Windows HyperVisor virtual machine goes down after automatic updates and it failed to start. Fire on iWinAssistProg and connect to your HyperVisor remotely and you can start the virtual machine immediately without no delay. The same can be done for ESX virtual machines also.

You are peacefully sleeping and as a nightmare you get a call from a client saying the Security Windows Service is down and the systems are unprotected and they want a quick fix. At your bed you remotely connect from iPhone/iPad/Android to Windows Service Management and Start the security service in a minute and can get back to your sleep breeze-fully.

Windows from iOS/Android

  • Basic Management of Windows Desktops and Servers
  • Manage the state of Windows Services
  • Visualize running processes
  • Explore Event Logs and Analyze the issues
  • Administer the state of IIS7 Application Pools, Site & Applications
  • Explore Active Directory Users and Groups
  • Unlock, Enable/Disable Active Directory User
  • Reset the password of Active Directory User


  • Add/Remove Active Directory users to Groups
  • Create/Delete Active Directory User
  • Shutdown and Restart Active Directory Computers
  • Manage the power state of Windows HyperVisor Virtual Machines
  • Manage the power state of Vmware ESX virtual machines

WindowsProg Bridge Server Features

  • This iOS/Android application needs WindowsProg Bridge Server application to act as a bridge between iOS/Android Devices and Windows.
  • WindowsProg Bridge Server runs as a Windows Service.
  • WindowsProg Server can be configured to run over SSL.
  • Supported on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating System.
  • Access to Server can be controlled by User Id & Password.
  • Comes with a BackOffice application for management.
  • Please download from WindowsProg Server.
  • Support for this application is available by EMail WindowsProg Support.
  • More information about setting up WindowsProg Server is available at PDF XPS