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ColorsProg - Colors Database Manager

ColorsProg is a color database manager that allows you to maintain your color collection in a simple way.

Wiht this simple productivity tool you can collect and maintaince colors grouped in databases

Define your own colors using powerful color picker tools.

Colors will be synced acorss you devices using iCloud.

Export colors to PDF, XLS and CSV

Colors + Shapes Features

  • Add, Edit and Delete colors to database.
  • Search Colors.
  • Define any number of databases.
  • Powerful Color definition tool to define colors.
  • View RGB, HSV and HEX value of color.
  • Define colors by RGB, HSV and HEX values.
  • Auto suggestion of color names when defining colors.


  • Predefined Crayon, System, xkcd, CSS, Wikipedia and Pseudo Pantone color databases.
  • Generate pdf, xls and csv color reports to local and iCloud.
  • Import from CSV files.
  • Use defined colors to change the theme of the application.
  • Maintain colors across devices using iCloud.
  • Backup and Restore colors.