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Colors + Shapes - Fun Matching Game

This game is a Colors + Shapes matching in scrolling and bouncing world.

Watch the Shapes with Colors moving beautifully and continuously and match them.

You can increase/decrease the speed of scrolling and bouncing.

You score higher point with increasing speed. The difficulty of the game increases with level gradually.

You have more than 2000 levels to play and enjoy. It is a simple game for kids and adults without any complications.

Swip left or right to change level. Swipe Up to display menu.

Colors + Shapes Features

  • Circle, Square, Triangle, Diamond and Pentagon Shapes
  • Shapes inside Shapes
  • Rich set of attractive Colors
  • More than 2000 levels and the number of levels increases with the resolution of the device


  • Increase or Decrease the speed of scrolling and bouncing
  • Switch to any levels, any time.
  • Skip levels without playing
  • No Time Limit